Project Results

Expected results

The project will have the following expected results:

  • Implementation of new workplace strategies to support men in sharing care responsibilities, which will serve as models for others
  • Sharing best practices for improved work-life-balance across countries and companies
  • Creation of sustainable multi-level partnerships of stakeholders working for the promotion of Men in Care at European and national levels
  • Increase visibility of Men in Care
  • Improvement of working conditions from which both employee and employer will benefit (reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and job satisfaction

See our results in English and national languages here soon!

Newsletter on "Equality in the Company (BIE)", number 53, August 2019 (ES)

The Newsletter on "Equality in the Company (BIE)", number 53, August 2019, edited by the Spanish Ministry for Equality, focuses on Men in Care. You can read in Spanish about the recent Spanish reform granting eight weeks of non-transferable and well paid leave to fathers, some research results on fathers' take up, and more.

Download the newsletter (in Spanish) here:

Last changed: 24.07.2019