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Carving out Space for Caring Masculinities: Results from a European Study

This study document builds on the national benchmarking reports, which reveal the situation in eight European countries on gender gaps in care and domestic work, in work and work-life balance, and on how society can support caring masculinities to reduce such gaps and enhance gender equality. The study analysed the current situation in Norway, Austria, Germany, Iceland, Spain, North Macedonia, Slovenia and Poland.

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National Reports - Spring 2021

We are very happy to present you with our national benchmarking reports, which include context analyses of the seven participant countries as well as organizational analyses for five of them.

Organizational analyses focus on best practices that can foster caring masculinities. Our qualitative researchers have done around 150 interviews within 18 organizations/companies in five countries.

Many different topics have emerged such as the flexibility stigma, organizational culture, partners’ negotiation, co-workers’ support, etc. Below we focus on four of these topics, as expressed by male caregivers themselves: the benefits of spending time with children during parental leave, the stand-by attitude at home, the obstacles of managerial jobs for fathering and the importance of supervisors support.

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Newsletter on "Equality in the Company (BIE)", number 53, August 2019 (ES)

The Newsletter on "Equality in the Company (BIE)", number 53, August 2019, edited by the Spanish Ministry for Equality, focuses on Men in Care. You can read in Spanish about the recent Spanish reform granting eight weeks of non-transferable and well paid leave to fathers, some research results on fathers' take up, and more.

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