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Men In Care Conference

The Men in Care Conference presented research results and good practice examples from eight countries: Austria, Germany, Iceland, Norway, North Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia and Spain. The event gave room to discussion and exchange on how to follow up in enhancing gender equality and work life balance policies both at the institutional and organisational level.

Please see the full conference agenda here

The in-person conference took place at Park Inn, Alexanderplatz, Berlin on 19 May 2022. 

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Conference Materials


Presentation by Teresa Jurado - Framework conditions at the political level for caring masculinities

Presentation by Rosa Gubianes - Transforming heavily male-dominated work cultures in the police

Gender equality plan of the Catalan police

Presentation by Hanna Völke - More diversity to the shop floor

Presentatio by Elli Scambor - Do organisations want men to care?

Presentation by Cristina Castellanos - Bringing men into policies for gender equality

Presentation by Paco Abril - Trainings with supervisors, workers’ representatives and male employees

Presentation by Ole Nordfjell - The MiC guide for employers

Presentation by Harald Fugger - Work-life-balance for women and men: EU-framework and implementation

Presentation by Dag Schölper - Political outlook on current and upcoming developments

Table Talks

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Newsletter Archive

MiC Newsletter #1 December 2019: PDF

MiC Newsletter #2 March 2021:  PDF

MiC Newsletter #3 September 2022: PDF


Engaged fatherhood – La paternidad corresponsable (Spanish Video) - Click to watch the video

Men in Care Employers (Slovenian Video) - Click to watch the video

Interview of Mr. Matej Feguš, Donar d.o.o (Slovenian Video) - Click to watch the video

Interview of Ms. Tatjana Bobnar, Police (Slovenian Video) - Click to watch the video

Interview of Mr. Marko Podgornik Verdev, Mikro+Polo d.o.o. (Slovenian Video) - Click to watch the video 

Guide for Employers Poster

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