What is Men in Care?

Men in Care (MiC) is a project of twelve national organisations from seven different European countries, which will help reduce barriers for men who want to become involved in caring activities. MiC aims to improve workplace conditions to promote men taking caring roles and will assess how policies and workplace cultures can change to enable men to become more active in caring for children, elderly, partners, co-workers and friends. Involving workers, trade unions, employers, and families, the project will enable men to take time to care for themselves and others. Find more information on the project here.

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COVID-19: Corona, Care & Men (EN + DE)

MiC News & Blog

The MiC project on Radio 3, the public Spanish radio

Recently, on May 16th, the Spanish Distance University, UNED, broadcasted a colloquium between the  Spanish participants of MiC on Radio 3, with the…

Slovenian MiC partner in the news: discussing caring masculinities

"Man is a complete being, not just a working robot". Interview MiC Slovenian partner about the project (interview in Slovenian but can be translated…

D&I Changemakers Festival 2020

What do we mean by "care"? Is there a link between the gender equality and the involvement of men in care? How can a company support male employees…

MiC 3rd International Meeting (Oslo/Online)

A summary and reflection from the 3rd MiC partner meeting.

Covid y cuidados en España/Covid & care in Spain

Los efectos del confinamiento por Covid-19 en los cuidados: algunas experiencias personales/The effects of the lockdown on care work: some personal…

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